Hi readers!

This year marks a mile stone for the Competition. Not only are we projecting to have more participants than in earlier years but we are also allowing students from the University of Washington, Pacific Lutheran University, and a few high schools to participate. Mr. Don Summers in the Center for Applied Learning has been in contact with staff from these and various other schools discussing how their schools might foster the same Social Venture Competition model at their schools.

If you have logistic questions about the competition please follow the below link, OR email us! The staff that run the SVPC would love to hear from.

This blog has been created to provide a venue for student voices. You should find articles that are relevent to the current competition and to the journey that the competitors find themselves in. In the video blog we’ll attempt to highlight seven different stories through seven different students from seven separate teams. The professors and staff who put the nitty gritty bits together so there is a competition will provide insight into what the competition is about as well as gives some helpful pointers. There will also be dates to remember, helpful sites, etc.

I look forward to experiencing the journey with you! I would love to hear your voice. If you have an idea for a post or would like to write from your perspective then please shoot me an email at wishes1@spu.edu.

Laura Hanes

student representative


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