SVPC can lead to great things

Reed Probus, a Junior Business Administrative major at SPU.

SVPC participant: 2008, 2010

Awards: SVPC award winner 2008

The SVPC is a rare opportunity to work on a project you believe in and pitch it to leaders in the local business community. For me the best aspect of the competition was working on a team, where I experienced for the first time how a good team is more than the sum of tis parts. Our four team members brought unique and complimentary skills–our designer created a website that impressed the judges, our programmer gave it capabilities that matched established competitors, our business maven answered the tough questions about our strategy, and our communications extraordinaire presented our idea with enthusiasm. Our brainstorming sessions were invaluable and even our arguments were constructive. This kind of team experience is something you don’t get from coursework. And being part of programs like the SVPC is part of the reason I cam to SPU

A month after the showcase, our team was flying to Los Angeles for the Microsoft Imagine Cup student technology competition. Thanks to the SVPC, we had revised our business plan based on feedback from instructors and judges, which I think gave us a stronger presentation. Later, Microsoft invited us to talk about the Imagine Cup for the following video about the competition.

to see Reed’s first project in action follow the below link:


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